Internet Week debuted in Arhus, Denmark

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City of Arhus is hosting, between April 28 – May 2nd, a one week event dedicated to internet and the way it influenced everyone’s lives. Internet Week was opened with an event at Arhus City Hall, with Jacob Bundsgaard, town’s mayor, welcoming the guest.

Arhus City Center. Source: Internet Week Denmark
Arhus City Center. Source: Internet Week Denmark

During the official opening event, Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia, delivered the keynote speech, while Ashok Krish – Head of Innovation Lab  Tata Consultancy Services, Steffen Grarup – Senior Manager and Morten Heuing – CEO eBay Danmark completed the line-up of speakers.

Internet Week Denmark consists in one week of events that are celebrating the internet and the impact it has over Danish economy and society.


Besides the keynote speech by Jimmy Wales, the first day of the Internet Week also saw Google Glasses taking the stage, being presented to Danish public for the first time at the official opening . Later on, Katapult Group has scheduled sessions during which it will present B2B products and services based on Google Glass platform, aimed to delight customers, increase revenues and reduce costs.

Internet Week will also include Internet Pioneer Award, which will designate Danes with the greatest influence on the internet. The awards will be given in 3 categories: Technology, Services & app and Rethink – in collaboration with Aarhus 2017 – European Capital of Culture.

The jury that will designate the winners includes, among others, Christiane Vejlø – digital trend analyst & director Elektronista , Preben Meier – member of think tank Radr and co-founder InnovationLab, Anders Hoegh Nissen – host and journalist DR P1 and Aino Vonge Corry, Jury chairman & owner of Meta Developer.

The main themes around the entire week of events evolve are:

  • Digital leadership – identifying and nurturing digital changes and adopt them throuh organizational restructuring, training and cultural change in order to modernize old structures and patterns and reach goals via digital excellence
  • Start-ups – presents the opportunities and potential digital offers to start-ups, considering the high valuation those services got to have (Instagram’s sale for $1bn to Facebook and the $3BN offer to SnapChat)
  • The dark side of internet – focuses on cybercrime, surveillance, data mining and security and explores the option one has to protect business and societies and the private life
  • Social media – focusing on how to create value using social media, including in business activities
  • Mobile – with mobile booming during recent year and with the number of Danish mobile services users doubling during the last 2 years, the mobile revolution is ongoing and likely to generate bigger changes to the world than internet did. The events will focus on mobile opportunities, mobile’s application within e-commerce, services, gaming and apps
  • Media, Journalism & Publishing – sectors to which internet presented the biggest challenges, that saw their revenues declining and had to reorient and try to find new business models to survive. The future of the media will be the main theme explored.
  • Big data – the implications of big data, its importance & influence
  • Digital Business, Marketing & Commerce – in today’s world, the only way to compete is to evolve and internet and social media are success factors, both as process and marketing tools. For Denmark, the future lays with the creative industries, able to apply disruptive thinking in order to fight their competition
  • Digital citizenship – the future of digital society and what it means to be a digital citizen in a smart city
  • Gaming, learning & Experience

The full program is available here. Participation to most of the events is free and only requires registration on Internet Week Denmark’s website