A day in a life of a client service…. Every day is a new challenge!

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Every day is a new challenge and I say this because even writing about one is a challenge. For me, it’s quite hard to describe a day in my work life, because my days are never the same. I meet new people, I live new experiences, every day is a new chapter of a book and, in the end of each of them, I realize how fast my child is growing.

The day starts early for me with a miraculous smile from my son, smile that fills me with the energy I need for a long and successful day. Than, on our way to the kindergartenden, we try to find answers to all his new questions and plan new trips and adventures.

After this, on the way to the office, I do a little status in my mind with all the things I have to do during the current day. I like to think about myself as an organized person and, normally, everything should go as planned. But things don’t really work like that, and this is the beauty of my job.

georgiana neacsu

I arrive at the office, open the email and start to solve the biggest emergencies. As a dear colleague of mine says, there are different types of emergencies, and one must establish how real and how important they are. Morning is the most pleasant part of the day for us at work, as all of us – smokers or, sometimes, even nonsmokers – get together and catch up on the latest advertising news (and not only) while drinking coffee or tea. As they say, “The most important things you need to know are discussed over a cigarette”.

All of the above represents the start of a full day of deadlines: ongoing projects, new briefs that have to find themselves a creative team, meetings with the clients, radio commercials, shootings and many other things I have to do to keep the clients happy.

The most important part of my job is to keep the client peace of mind, as he needs to know that someone is properly handling his projects, that everything is under control and that the result will be far above his expectations (of course, it is very important for us to make the client understand that our opinions are very important too).

After a long series of emails, I feel the need to change something so I go to the first floor to join the creative team and see if I can help them with some fresh ideas (I must admit: Sometimes I need to recharge my batteries with them). They are not always glad to see me (they know I came to see how work is going or ask their help for something), but what I know for sure is that I always leave that floor laughing myself out. This is our way to make the day pass easier and to make others laugh at our ideas.

I love my job (proof are the 8 years of advertising I gathered) and I find it quite difficult to imagine a more suitable job for me. My job isn’t  just easy work and successfully delivered campaigns, I also have problems I don’t know how to manage. In some cases, I get the right answers from my experienced colleagues, but in other cases I find myself alone, forced to discover the best solution for the problem.

Around 7 or 8 P.M. I decide to call it a day, and I find myself thinking about my personal life and my little superhero that is waiting for me at home (who is so eager to ask me what I brought him). This is how a day in my life looks like and there are very few things I would change in it.

Georgiana Neacsu works in Client Service, as Account Manager at Romanian agency Jazz.