DDB Stockholm orchestrated the revenge of the birds for Rovio’s Angry Birds

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Rovio’s Angry Birds wanted revenge and DDB Stockholm was commissioned to make that come true and  help the birds control the human.

The very intelligent birds chosen to fulfill the revenge were 3 chicken. DDB Stockholm than worked with a team of scientists and mechanics, using motion-tracking technology to allow the birds’ head movements to control the direction of three ski karts as they hurtled down a steep ski slope.

The 3 human subjects of the adventure were:

  • Peter “The Mighty Eagle” Vesterbacka from Rovio – instrumental in the poor treatment of the birds over the years.
  •  Rhett Allain, a WIRED science journalist and scientist – studied Angry Birds flight physics – and now they want revenge.
  •  Jonas Persson – Angry Birds fan who’s flung more than his fair share of birds at those pesky piggies.

The Credits (via LLBOnline) for the whole adventure go to:

Client: Rovio/Joonas Virtanen, Kai Torstila

Copywriter: Stefan Gustafsson

Art Director: Simon Higby

Creative Director: Jerker Fagerström

Digital Director: Jon Dranger

Executive Producer DDB Film: Carl Linder

Production Company: It’s Showtime

Executive Producer: Fabian Mannheimer

Technical Producer: Gustav Garhammar

Director: Mårten Lindsjö

Editor: Herman Söderström

Post production: DDB Film

Music: Lasse Sander/Plop

Sound: Fredrik Sundgren & Mats Blomberg/Plop