A piece of Denmark, rebuilt in Bucharest’ subway for Europe’s Day

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The Embassy of Denmark and GolinHarris brought, on Europe’s Day, a part of Denmark’s culture and space in Bucharest, with an activation developed under the creative concept “House of Denmark”.

On May 9th, travelers that transited Unirii station in Bucharest’s subway had the opportunity to pass through a green and sustainable space, the main values promoted by Denmark

House of Denmark la metrou

House of Denmark concept developed by GolinHarris team surprised very well the main Danish attributes and, more than anything, managed to bring together, under the same umbrella, 14 companies with different activities, offering everyone involved the possibility to really contribute to creating a Danish corner in Unirii subway station

Michael Sternberg,

Ambassador of Denmark in Bucharest

Danish furniture was made with help from BO Concept, VELUX presented ecological solution for attics, while plants and flowers were maintained with water pumps from Grundfos. People travelling by subway had the opportunity to try and win Ecco shoes, while SAS offered special prizes for travels in the Nordic country.

House of Denmark la metrou (1)

Carlsberg bottles had, this time, a practical use, as they were transformed in lamps and artistic installations. Danfoss and ROCKWOOL® handled heating up the atmosphere, while the other companies offered surprises.

Danish flowers and traditional plants were placed at the entrance in subway station , while kids were challenged to build an eco-house with Lego bricks.

House of Denmark la metrou (4)

Preparing this activation was a real deployment of forces, as 14 partner companies were involved. We were happy to see the Danish spirit, characterized by optimism and seriousness, reflected in our collaboration with all the involved parties and that we managed, together, to bring a piece of Denmark in Unirii subway station

Alina Popa,

Head of Consumer Division, GolinHarris.