Romanian mustard from Tecuci, advertised in a campaign signed by Armada

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In Romania, the mustard produced in Tecuci town is the most known Romanian mustard assortment, with over 60 years of tradition. In present, Tecuci Mustard from Olympia is the only one produced following the traditional recipe, in the original factory founded in 1953.

Armada promotes the product with a campaign that addresses the main 3 target segment for Tecuci mustard: grilling fans, housewives and students. When it comes of mustard’s usage in the household, it can save a meal that didn’t really turned out great while students have to have a good mustard close just in case.

For those who don’t know, Tecuci mustard is the tastier, therefor the most looked for. This creative construction of the TVCs around the real attribute of the product came as a normal solution. The idea behind the ads is a simple one, extracted from reality: if a tasty mustard helps you fix a burned meal or one that you don’t like, imagine how it is to have it with something delicious

Adrian Albu,

Creative Director Armada.

On Romanian mustard market, Tecuci name is synonymous with tradition and quality. Basically, the brief we sent to the agency had 2 components: it was very important to us to communicate both the main attribute of the product, the taste, and the tradition component. The agency found a very good combination of the 2 messages and the ads are communicating exactly what we wished for

Nicolae Baciu,

Marketing Manager Olympia.

Armada team working on the campaign included:

  • Creative Director: Adrian Albu
  • Copywriter: Alexandru Gradisteanu
  • Art Director: Giorge Roman
  • Senior Art Director: Silvia Dumitru
  • Client Service: Daniel Gherghescu

Romanian Armada is an independent advertising agency founded in May 2012 by Tiberiu Tuluca – General Manager and Adrian Albu – Creative Director.