Nivea tops the cosmetic brands with highest advertising volume in Romania

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Nivea dominates the top of cosmetics / personal care brands in Romania in terms of advertising volume, with 15,872 ads that run between January 1st – April 30th 2014, worth EUR 26,88M at rate card. Dove is second in top (8,099 ads), while Gillette ranks 3rd (6,078 ads), according to an analysis made by mediaTRUST, one of the most important monitoring services provider on Romanian market



The top also includes Head&Shoulders (5,862 ads), followed by Colgate (5,708) and Lacaluct (4,120). On the other hand, Garnier had 3,972 ads with a rate card valu of Euro 8,70M in the first 4 months of the year. Next were Schwarzkopf (3,433 ads, Euro 6,58M rate card), Wash&Go (3,398 ads).L’Oreal is on 10th position 10 in terms of visibility in advertising (3,368 ads), while Pantene is 11th (3,351 ads), followed by Clear (2,780 ads).

The top also includes Blend-a-med (2,555 ads), Gerovital (2,139 ads), Parodontax (2,084), Avon (1,863), Always (1,838), Veet (1,606) and Syoss (1,493).


The television is the media channel on which cosmetics and personal care brands relied on the most. From the total of 102, 016 ads, 96,327 were on TV, 4,577 on radio and 1,112 ran in print.

cosmeetice3To analyze the visibility in advertising, the report considered the results of more than 102,012 ads that ran on 20 TV stations, 12 radio stations and 200 central publications, in the Cosmetics/personal care category, monitored during the interval January 1 – April 30, 2014.