Jacobs 3in1 hires relaxation fans, in a campaign signed by CohnandJansen JWT


Jacobs 3in1 hires relaxation fans, in an integrated campaign signed by CohnandJansen JWT which introduces, for the first time in brand’s history, the gamification concept.

After last year’s repositioning, when Jacobs 3in1 entered the active relaxation area with the campaign “Real effort. Real relaxation”, the brand launches this year an unique initiative on its market: a loyalization program on long term, through which it will offer consumers relaxation salaries if they profit on relaxation opportunities

The campaign started from the insight that young people today are much more pragmatic and, when they make an effort, they expect something in exchange; here’s where the idea to “hire” young people and support their passion through the loyality program came from

No matter we want to accept it or not, we are living in a world where money dictate. And the safety of the material comfort makes many give up their passion. Unfortunately, in Romania there are very few profitable passions. We live in a society that doesn’t encourage passions, but that doesn’t mean that brands cannot do it

Adina Stanescu,

Copywriter CohnandJansen JWT.

To encourage young people follow their passions, Jacobs 3in1 will “hire” for 7 months people passioned by music, photography, fashion and extreme sports in the coolest relaxation game. The game is conceived in such a manner that young people have to constantly make efforts for their passion, to solve daily or weekly tasks, as anyone that is an “employee” or “freelancer” does. Jacobs 3in1 will reward the best players with 4 salaries of Euro 1,000 per month for a year and will also offer hundreds of other prizes.

The entire program was created starting from the consumers and with their active involvement in developing the idea. We wanted to monetize to the max the conduit of our very young target, characterized both through its affinity to online and appetite for games, but also through passion for music or sport. And the result is a campaign that wants to be more than a promotion and to find a place in our consumers’ daily lives

Raluca Velcu,

Brand Manager Coffee, Mondelez Romania.

We used gamification as main principle in the online campaign. To loyalize Jacobs 3in1 consumers and encourage them to buy, the codes on the products are transforming in virtual resource (energy)

Monica Radulescu,

Head of Digital Strategy CohnandJansen JWT.

The campaign also includes 2 TV ads, print, activations in student residences’ areas and at the seaside, in-store activations, i-media (banners) and the destination of the campaign, with the game being online starting June 1st until the end of December, on  www.jacobs3in1.ro.

The teams working on the campaign:

  • CohnandJansen JWT: Creative Director: Andrei Cohn, Copywriter: Adina Stanescu, Art Director: Octavian Budai, Strategic Planner: Ana Maria Olaru, Group Account Director: Ruxandra Savulescu, Account Manager: Cristina Bedreaga, Head of Digital Strategy: Monica Radulescu, Project Manager: Raluca Diaconu.
  • Mondelez: Brand Manager Coffee –  Raluca Velcu si Assistant Brand Manager – Anca Mitoseru.





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