Hello Menthol made the interior design and branding for Plastilina


After creatively arranging Acuarela in 2012, Romanian strategy and multidisciplinary design studio Hello Menthol conceived and implemented the project to reconvert a house in old Bucharest into a culture and relaxation pop-up space for the summer, namely Plastilina.Hello Menthol pentru Plastilina 1

Launched during Romanian Design Week, Plastilina is created to be a traffic catalizer and a way to finance the projects of Imbold Association (miniFestival of jazz Gradinesco, Imbold Nativ festival, București Optimixed, AntrenArt and so on).

The space is divided into 2 areas: the house – built in 1893 and used by Imbold to host cultural project in visual arts, performance, theater, music – and the house’s annexes – a garage and stables that will host a cafe with a special menu, based on Romanian products.

Same as for Acuarela, the interior design strategy for Plastilina is based on recycling objects that aren’t in use anymore, but which still have a lot of personality: old furniture pieces, pickles jars, bicycles, a Mobra bike and many other things found in the old house or collected, over the years, by Imbold members.

Plastilina’s design is an optimist one, colorful and childish, that employs a series of nostalgic elements remixed in a contemporary manner together with sculptures, illustrations and paintings.Hello Menthol pentru Plastilina 2

Inside the house, the intervention was minimal: the space was cleaned and the furniture was arrange in such a way so the space can be used for concerts or plays, maintaining, in the same time, some corners filled with history.

The old stables and garage were consolidated and transformed into an elegant and colorful area for work or relaxation

We tried to keep the coherence between interior design, visual identity, menu and the events plan. All, from what you see, taste and do at Plastilina must be authentic and bring you in the same direction

Alexu Toader,

Creative Director Hello Menthol.

The menu illustration was made by the illustrator Anca Dima, while the sculptures signed by Misha Diaconu and illustrations in the converted stables-garage made by Andrei Argaetic.
 Hello Menthol pentru Plastilina 3

Hello Menthol signs the communication and art direction for events and for the artists that Imbold is promoting, individual theater plays and other evenings created around different themes and taking place in Plastilina’s summer garden.

Hello Menthol’s team working on Plastilina project included Alexu Toader, Alexandra Bujeniță, Adrian Maschek, Radu Cernea.

Hello Menthol is a multidisciplinary design bureau focused on branding. Inaugurated in 2007 by an art director and an illustrator, Hello Menthol developed as a creative partnership between a group of friends from more agencies in Bucharest. Among Hello Menthol’s clients are global brands like Heineken, Red Bull, Subaru,Ubisoft, Unicredit, UPC, Algida, Vanish, but also promising start-ups like Aviziero, Bunătărie, Atelierul de Producție or TedxBucharest.

Hello Menthol pentru Plastilina 4