Starcom MediaVest studied Romanians’ multi-screening habits

Consumption Habits

Starcom MediaVest Romania launched the 14th infographic part of  HumanGraphExperience series, analyzing Romanians’ multi-screening habits

Multi-screening is an experience that improves or develops the content received on the main screen. For Romanians, mobile or computer are the instruments used to complete the info delivered via TV. That is why the most frequent multi-screenin in Romania are TV-mobile, computer- mobile or computer-TV

56% Romanians living in urban areas say they cannot imagine not having a TV in their home; still, 59% Romanians leave theirTV on without giving any attention to it. Their center of interest is internet, where 58% are looking for info all the time, using either computers or mobiles

28% Romanians own a smartphone they use on daily basis to search (at home or on the move) info on products, restaurantsor travel. Eight out of 10 smartphone owners are using the mobile while listening to music, watching TV, reading newspapers or magazine or watching movies. Among the respondents, 33% would rather give up TV than their phone and 81% are using their smartphones while listening music (51%), watching TV (31%), reading newspapers / magazines (29%) or watching movis (25%).

“Millennials” are those for which multiscreening comes naturally. 5 of of 10 of them are connecting to the internet from the mobil phone and almost all from computer. Each device has its role: computers offer entertainment and info, mobiles are used for fun and keeping in touch with the others and tablets are for relaxation.

For them, the main screen is the mobile or the computer, from where they can connect to the internet. For millennials, TV is the secondary screen, used by 67% as information source or sound background.

They are adepts of multi-screening as this satisfies their curiosities related to the content they’ve seen and help them create ties based on common passions within their circle of friends.