“It’s never  lupus!” Or is it? GMP PR “infected” Romanian blogosphere to raise awareness on lupus

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To raise awareness over the symptoms of the most difficult to diagnose disease, lupus, GMP PR initiated a flash information campaign that determined 20,000 Romanians to enter the website  www.infolupus.ro in just one day, on International Lupus Day.

The campaign was made for Autoimune Diseaseas Patients’ Association and Lupus Romania Association, with support from GSK Romania.

Lupus is a disease that cannot be cured, copies symptoms from other diseases, generates confusion and delays the diagnose. To offer a clear glimpse on the confusion the lupus patients live, on International Lupus Day, Romanian blogosphere got sick, with 25 bloggers that supported the campaign imitating someone else’s blog

This year’s campaign was a double challenge for us. On one side, it was the success our campaign had last year and, on the other, the extremely small budget we had. This year, our inspiration came from the symptoms which, in fact, disguise lupus in other diseases. Informing on the way lupus acts is vital, as an early diagnose can offer more chances to the patients. For a day, we made difficult navigating on certain blogs and disguised them in other blogs, aiming to get people’s attention over this disease. ven if we maybe annoyed those looking for something and finding something else, we managed, in just 24 hours, to make people talk and read about lupus and maybe, why not, to recognize their symptoms

Ana Maria Diceanu,

Senior Partner GMP PR.

The bloggers that were involved in the campaign were Cabral, Andrei Cismaru, Cristi Dorombach,Cristian China BirtaGroparu.ro,Cristina Bazavan, Auras Mihai, Cristi Serb, Andrei Crivat, Elena Ciric, Sabina Cornovac, Tomatacuscufita.com, Claudia Tocila, Raluxa , Mihaela Ivan, Andreea Burlacu, Valentin Bosioc, Marian Ionescu, Alin Pandaru, Anca Duma, Andra Zaharia, Marius Matache, Cristian Florea, Alexandra Blas, Romanticu.org.

This was the second year when GMP PR made a flash information campaign related to lupus. Last year, over 10,000 people accessed during a single day the informational website on lupus after they discovered their favorite blogs were presenting symptoms of the disease. The campaign was implemented with support from Bonnie & Clyde