BETC digital orchestrated #RCZ Race for Peugeot

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BETC Digital created #RCZRace for Peugeot, the first ever Twitter race, expanding the conventional social media tool into a veritable video game and daring the Internet users to go head to head with the brand’s new coupe, the RCZ R.

With a 270 horsepower engine, the new coupe is capable of going from 0 to 140 km/h in only 11 seconds. Tweeters had the same
amount of time to type out one of 15 different 140-character tweets before the car reached its max speed.

The one-of-a-kind game was launched in France as part of a contest Peugeot organized to coincide with the coupe’s release. Over 152,000 users tried their hands at the game over a 3-week period, experiencing the heart-throbbing sensation of racing against the fastest car the brand has ever created.

Among over 12,000 (successful) tweets posted, 500 of the best typists were entered into a lottery to win several spots for a weekend at the famous Nurburgring circuit.

A unique and highly addictive video game, the appealing #RCZRace achieved noteworthy results thanks to its innovation and easy accessibility through one of the world’s most common social media applications.


  • Peugeot France:
    • Brand & Management: Thierry Lonziano, Sophie Ropars, Caroline Doye Furstoss, Olivier Petit
  • BETC Digital
    • Account Management: Ivan Beczkowski, Xavier Blairon, Florian Cuminal, Gabrielle De La Forest
    • Creative Director: Vincent Behaegel
    • Digital Creative Directors: Ivan Beczkowski, Frédéric Sounillac
    • Copywriter: Romain Pergeaux
    • Art Directors: Sylvain Paradis, Damien Paris
    • Tech Director: Thibault Dargeou
    • Tech Consultants: Alain Nguyen, Eva Canales
    • Technology: HTML
    • Developer: Sylvain Tran
    • Development: 60 FPS
    • Sound & Design: LGM
    • 3D: Yan Blary
    • Motion & Design: Marc Rodriguez