Golin launches its own monitoring tool, Relevance Fingerprint

PR, Studies

In the opening of Cannes Lions 2014, together with the Baywatch star David Hasselhoff, Golin figured out the mystery of relevance through brand and launched its new monitoring instrument Relevance Fingerprint. The new approach consists in using a methodology based on understanding analytic data in order to determine frequency, intensity and the qualitative dimension of a brand’s relevance

Golin si David Hasselhoff

Consumers are exposed on daily basis to couple thousands brand messages and to a few millions of those messages a year (…) Today, the only method through which a brand can get consumers’ attention is to understand why, when and in what conditions it can interact with them. The new Relevance Fingerprint instrument offers the basis on which it a different perspective for this type of communication can be built – a perspective based on exact data and not on suppositions

Fred Cook,

CEO, Golin.

Relevance Fingerprint measures the relevance of a brand in 3 different ways:

  • By measuring consumers’ intention to listen, search and interact with brands
  • By estimating the enthusiasm towards a brand they consider relevant
  • By showing which of the 11 dimensions of qualitative relevance are most frequently associated to individual brand that consumers consider relevant

In the seminary that opened Cannes Lions 2014, Golin and David Hasselhoff practiced the instrument for the 1st time. With help of the 12M users that followed the seminary and via the hashtag #hoffornot, Golin showed how David Hasselhoff’s personal brand, “The Hoff”, manages to maintain its relevance compared to other heavy names from Hollywood.