Romanian Graffiti PR changes management structure, has a new executive director

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Romanian Graffiti PR changes management structure after its 6th consecutive year of growth. This way, the executive management of the agency is transferred from Mircea Tomescu, until now Managing Director, to a team of 6 consultants from inside the agency. In the same time,  Bogdan Tomoiaga, Senior Consultant with 12 years of experience in communication, was promoted to the rank of Executive Director.

The change comes as Graffiti PR adopts a new organizational model in order to set a management model based on a horizontal and collaborative structure

I was always worried not to create a “bonsai” agency in which you cut the daring branches and limit the growth space to a flower pot and contemplate, afterwards, a brilliant miniature. There are 6 years during which the agency developed constantly as business volume, expertise and number of consultants. Now it enters into a new development stage, when it’s managed not by a single person, but by a team that grew up together. For me, another role follows, the one to understand in detail the communication importance in clients’ business vision, in order to feed innovation in agency’s product

Mircea Tomescu,

Senior Adviser in Graffiti PR’s Advisory Board

Graffiti PR is one of the most important PR agencies in Romania, has a team of 32 consultants and posted for 2013 a business turnover of Euro 2.63M, the biggest in agency’s history.

The new Graffiti PR management team

The new management includes 6 consultants that helped Graffiti PR’s expansion on Romanian communication market, namely: Bogdan Tomoiaga – Executive Director (12 years experience in communication and 10 years in Graffiti PR), Roxana Mihalache – Senior Consultant (20 years of experience in communication, 14 years in PR and 9 in Graffiti), Paul Kasprovschi – Senior Consultant (14 years of experience in marketing and communication and 5 in Graffiti PR), Irina Ciocan Stanescu – Senior Consultant (8 years of experience in communication and 6 in the agency), Dorina Dragan – Senior Consultant (10 years of communication and 4 of Graffiti PR) and Simona Corabu – Senior Consultant (10 years in communication and 7 in Graffiti)

We remain the same team that brought agency’s product until here, but we enter in a new operational stage, which will allow the agency to continue to grow. We are switching to a horizontal structure, which we take from our Ketchum colleagues, a structure that will allow us to be closer to the clients and, this way, to the final product. What does this mean? More senior consultants in direct contact with the clients, developing partnerships between clients or between certain areas of expertise within the agency. It is a normal step after the maturation of the projects we introduced on the market together with our clients. We are happy to set up the basis, through Mircea, of the first Advisory Board of a PR agency from Romania. The involvement of specialists outside PR industry into the product we want to build for our clients will help us to bring that added relevance for the business that the entire industry needs

Bogdan Tomoiaga,

Executive Director Graffiti PR

Agency’s development plans in the new structure include expansion for regional coordination, developing integrated communication platforms, servicing international Ketchum offices and implementing sustainability strategies directly within the communities its industrial clients are active.

Graffiti PR Romania has in its portfolio clients like OMV Petrom, Dacia, Renault, UPC România, P&G, Nestlé, Ursus Breweries, British American Tobacco România, METRO Cash&Carry România, Microsoft, GSK, Tetra Pak, Qualitance, Cargus International, ERSTE Foundation or EGGER.

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