Grolsch launched a new way of drinking draft beer in Romania. With The Jar.

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Grolsch launched a new way of drinking draft beer in Romania, with The Jar, as the brand is supporting unique experiences and has an innovative and creative approach.

Grolsch added creativity to drinking draft beer and The Jar, with a design inspired by the Swing Top bottle, proposes to consuumers an unique experience, challenges them to look at things in a different manner and to go beyond conventional limits imposed by drinking beer in a glass or in a pint.

grolsch borcan 2

Starting June, The Jar is available in selected locations all over Romania and the consumers can buy it from there.

Also this month, Grolsch launched a multipack targeting those that love creative challenges. Inside of it, one can find apparently absurd stories, but who’s meaning can be found out together with friends. The mechanism is simple: one of the participants is the storyteller and knows the solution published on, while the others must find out the solution by using a creative perspective and well-thought questions.

Borcanul Grolsch