The European journey for Romanian “mici”, marked with a Timisoreana campaign

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Starting June 25th, Romanian “mici” (Romanian meat rolls specialty) are exported in all European Union countries, moment marked up with a punctual campaign by Romanian beer brand Timisoreana.

Timișoreana salută ziua cea mare a micului românesc

Since appearing in Romania for the first time, mici were always served with a beer at the side. The story goes that a restaurant owner invented mici in 1902, as he decided to fry the meat mixture made for sausages when he saw out he was out of guts. The new dish was so appreciated that the restaurant became famous and mici entered history.

Serbians and Bulgarians both have similar dishes with mici, but the Romanian recipe is the one that will be exported in EU.

For Timisoreana, Romanian mici’s export in EU represents yet another way through which Romanians will have access to traditional products and recipes that remind them of home the most. Timisoreana is already one of them, with Romanians from Spain and Italy enjoying already the Romanian beer (…) and now they will be able to complete the menu of Romanian traditional products also with the famous mici

Mihai Barsan,

Vice President Marketing Ursus Breweries Romania.

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