Unconventional advertising festival ADfel prepares for a new edition in Bucharest


Romanian ad publication IQads announced the 9th edition of unconventional advertising festival ADfel, scheduled to take place between 18-24 august. Public’s participation at the event is free

Taking over Fabrica terrace for a week, the event offers brands the possibility to come up with innovative activities and activations.

Same as during previous year, the festival also includes the Grand Spoof competition, with the best parodies inspired by ads to be recognized and awarded at ADfel.


The festival will also host  ADfel Galleries exhibition, reuniting case studies with some of the world’s most awarded unconventional works.

Clients and agencies with smart ideas to promote their brands are invited to get in contact with the organizers to discuss the projects during this edition of the event.

ADfel is an IQads event, organized with support from 24FUN and Radio Guerrilla. It is the only branded entertainment event in Romania, a playground for brands and creative agencies. During the previous 8 editions of the event, there were implemented over 400 unconventional ideas by 100 brands and organizations.