Geometry Global Moscow made the Get Well Kit and an iPhone case that goes together with an app

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Geometry Global Moscow and its client, Sanofi, decided to make patients lives easier and help them never miss their medication by offering them a Get Well Kit and an iPhone case that goes works together with an app.


The idea behind is quite simple, namely that, nowadays, it’s increasingly harder for people to remember everything they need, and that also applies to important issues such as health. And, although there are pill organizers supposed to reduce medication errors on the patient’s side, one thing is always true and that is that people are human, therefor they do sometimes forget.

Sanofi and Geometry Global Moscow launched the Get Well Kit and an iPhone case that works together with an app. The case has seven sections, each with a different color. The user must place different pills in different section, name each section by pill, add its description and customize their required daily dosage. The app allows them to set up repeat schedule to daily, every other day, or weekly. The app alerts the user when their meds are required, mentions the number of pills per intake and allows connecting the administration of pills with the meal times.



The Get Well Kit keeps records of all user’s prescribed pills, so if they require the same medications again, the app will fill all the information for them. With the Get Well Kit, living healthy and taking medications responsibly are easier than.

The project was recently awarded a Bronze in Mobile Lions at Cannes International Festival of Creativity.


Client: Sanofi-Aventis Group

Team: Oxana Pozdnyakova – Business Unit Director Consumer Healthcare Sanofi Aventis

Agency: Geometry Global Moscow

Team: Dan Paul Medrea – CEO, Andrew Ushakow – Executive Creative Director, Elena Medvedeva – Art Director & Product Designer, Vitaliy Rynskiy – Digital Art Director, Darya Ushakova, Ilya Starko – Copywriters, Ilya Petrov – Product Designer, Alexandra Istratova – Packaging Designer, Dmitriy Sokolov – 3D Visualizer, Maria Anufrieva, Ekaterina Radokovskaya – Production Director,  Daria Chuiko – Digital Production Director, Anna Vasilyeva – Studio Director

Other agencies involved:

Ogilvy Commonhealth Moscow, Yarr! Moscow, Brox Production, Ceremony

Team: Ekaterina Vaganova – Managing Director Ogilvy Commonhealth, Sergey Timoshin – developer Yarr!, Denis Titov – Commercial Director Brox Production, Denis Bolshakov – Art Director Ceremony