Coca-Cola launches a new type of packaging on Romanian market

Branding, CSR

Coca-Cola Romania introduced on the local market an innovative packaging, which has up to 30% of its composition made up of plants. The new packaging, made with the PlantBottle technology, is used in Romania starting July, for the 500ml bottles used for  Dorna and Dorna Izvorul Alb mineral waters.

The new packaging is 100% recyclable and reduces the emission of carbon dioxide

PlantBottle tech represents a significant step for innovation within drinks’ packaging (…) The new packaging looks and acts like a classical PET bottle, but it has a lower carbon imprint (…) It is a bottle we all are very proud of

Raluca Vlad,

Brand Manager Dorna (Coca-Cola România)

The new packaging will have on the label a message and a specific logo and will be promoted at special points in stores.