MOL Romania offers clients the option to have their own cover for Stil & Elan, at magazine’s 10th anniversary

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MOL Romania celebrated, in August, 10 years since launching the first edition of the auto and lifestyle magazine Stil & Elan, a publication available in Romanian and Hungarian. Launched in August 2004, the magazine has 32 pages and is distributed freely in MOL Romania gas stations, in a monthly print run of over 100,000 copies.

coperta aniversara

In a world that continues to change fast, Stil & Elan magazine assumed a constant role for our readers, to which it presented valuable people, beautiful places and interesting subjects for the entire family. This year, MOL Romania remembers the special moments since the magazine first appeared until now, offering to the readers (…) the option to become themselves editors and to create their own customized cover

Kinga Daradics

Country Chairman & CEO MOL România.

MOL Romania team’s efforts to constantly improve the content of the magazine generated positive feedback from readers, which expressed an increased level of satisfaction over the content of the magazine, according to a poll made in the start of this year. Readers also stated they want an increased frequency for the magazine, more articles on travel destinations, cars, events, gadgets, culinary recipes, fashion trends and also more sections for children.

For the anniversary edition of the magazine, MOL Romania created an app dedicated to Stil & Elan’s readers allowing themto become editors and create their own customized cover. The app is available here and on company’s Facebook profile.