KFC Romania challenged Romanians to “KFC Bucket Challenge”, with company’s CEO answering a challenge from social media

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KFC Romania and McCann Bucharest launched in Romania the “KFC Bucket Challenge”, a social campaign suporting the international “Ice Bucket Challenge” phenomena and aiming to raise funds for ALS Foundation and Romanian National Alliance for Rare Diseases.

KFC Ice Bucket Challenge_consumatori

Following  challenge launched on Facebook by a consumer, KFC Romania decided to get involved in the campaign. The challenge was answered by company’s CEO, Mark Hilton, which poured on his head a KFC ice-bucket and passed over the challenge to Romanian consumers, on Friday. This way, for each KFC bucket filled with ice the consumer poured on their heads, KFC Romania decided to donate the equivalent of a KFC Hot Bucket, which costs RON 32 in Romania, to Romanian National Alliance for Rare Diseases and to ALS Association.

Mark Hilton and the KFC Ice Bucket Challenge

A few days ago, a consumer that made the connection between Ice Bucket and KFC Bucket challenged us on Facebook. We were happy to be nominated  and, today, we reacted and honored the challenge in public, because we wish to help gathering funds for humanitarian causes. We are proud to be able to answer to this challenge and we are prepared to donate the equivalent in RON for a few hundreds of KFC Hot Buckets

Mark Hilton

CEO KFC Romania.

Romanian National Alliance for Rare Diseases salutes KFC Romania’s initiative to help patients with rare diseases in our country. I consider that, with this action, our beneficiaries will be less “orphans”. I am saying that because rare diseases are also called “orphan” because they don’t have access to treatment, recognition and proper care. In the world, there are over 8,000 such diseases known, so their number is high, they are complex, little known to population, medical staff and officials of the healthcare system. We thank a lot for this initiative

Norica Dan,

President Romanian National Association for Rare Diseases

“Ice Bucket Challenge” was launched in US by Pete Frates, former professional baseball player that suffer of an ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) form. Following a call made on Twitter, hundreds of personalities and ordinary people took the  ice bucket challenge, poured ice buckets over their heads and donated money to ALS Foundation, nominating, at their turn, people that had to repeat the gesture. Also, KFC US took the Ice Bucket Challenge, with Colonel Sanders – KFC’s image- pouring an KFC ice bucjet over his head.

McCann Bucharest team working on the campaign included

  • Group Creative Director: Sebastian Olar
  • Sr. Art Director: Arpad Rezi
  • Copywritter: Valentin Lica
  • Art Director: Robert Soparlache
  • Group Account Director: Gabriela Alexandrescu
  • Sr. Account Manager: Simona Geaca
  • Corporate Communication Manager: Carmen Bistrian
  • AV Producer: Adrian Radu
  • Sr. Account Manager MRM Romania: Gina Zgubea
  • Account Manager MRM Romania: Tina Cretu
  • Account Manager UM Romania: Alina Vasile
  • Digital Media Planner UM Romania: Cristian David.