Romanian Jazz signs a new campaign for PPT

Ads, Creativity

Romanian agency Jazz created for its new client, PPT, a fresh, humorist and fun campaign, aimed to build awareness and brand equity. The campaign also has a funny brand character.

It is a different experience when we work for Romanian entrepreneurial companies and when we have the opportunity to interact directly with those who created the business. Their vision is the one to inspire us and the process usually goes much faster and milder because they know from the very start what they want and what they like for their brand. We liked the way this partnership started and we are proud to be the agency they trusted with their first appearance on the communication stage

Irina Pencea,

Partner Jazz

Pepe was born from a word game. We found out that most clients from Price For You (shortened PPT in Romania) prefer the PPT name, info that represented a very offering insight for the team. After we embraced this formula, it didn’t last long until we started playing with it. This is how “PePeTe dresses you” concept grew roots. The next thing was to shape the personality of our hero. So we met up one Sunday, all fresh and in joking mood. We went from one extreme to the other and, in the end, we shook the hand at “hysteric, sympathetic, which proves people that they don’t have to brake their pockets to dress well”

Andrei Stanciu,

Copywriter Jazz.

After a lot of ideas were brought to the table, from very serious ones to adventurous ones, Jazz creatives decided to go with “hysteric, sympathetic, which proves people that they don’t have to brake their pockets to dress well” and went on the field armed with a camera and humor.

We asked people to let us get hysterical next to them, we put together the material and we went with the filmed spot in the pitch. We gathered some smiles and a new client. Than we wrote the final script visible today

Andrei Stanciu.

 The final joke comes from our visit in a town where a PPT store is located. We were lost on the streets and we stopped the car to ask an old man: “Please don’t mind, do you know where Preturi pentru tine (Prices for you) is?”. “For who?”. “For you…”. The ads were also filmed in Russian. And it was interesting to direct in a language I don’t know. Nor me or anyone else on the filming set except the actor. In the end of the day, I realized the language isn’t a barrier. Especially with a good actor, a trustful client and an agency that gives attention to details

Valentin Suciu

The teams working on the campaign included

  • Jazz: Andrei Stanciu – copywriter, Valentin Suciu – Creative Partner & ad’s director, Cristina Lungu – Account Executive, Loredana Banica – Client Service Director.
  • Spoon Media – media
  • Multimedia Est – production house

Jazz created the video ads for TV and online in Romania and Moldavia. The ads started running on August 25th and will continue to run until the end of October

PPT is a network with over 140 stores selling clothes and shoes and present in most Romanian counties. Expanding from one year to another, the network opened its first 2 stores in Moldavia in September 2013. In October 2013, the network launched its online store.