Romanian state news agency Agerpres launches “Bucharest – My city” editorial project


Romanian state news agency Agerpres will run, during September, a series of interviews with Bucharest personalities, as part of the editorial project “Bucharest – My City”. This series of interviews is made in a moment when Romanian capital celebrates 555 years since it was certified in documents.

“Bucharest – My City” offers to viewers and readers testimonies and life stories from renown writers, actors, singers and athletes. They talked to Agerpres reporters and relayed to them the most interesting happenings from and related to Bucharest which they lived during childhood, adolescence or during their mature life.

The interviews will be published every day , starting 11.00 a.m., on Agerpres’ website. The interviews are available also in video format, on a dedicated playlist available on Agerpres’ YouTube channel . Its are also available on Facebook and Twitter, via a hashtag (#Bucuresti)