The Alternative School at Creative Est #0

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The Alternative School for Creative Thinking announces the “Rahova” competition at Creative Est by Oricum, targeting creative people under 30s.

The brief – available here – invites the creative community (strategy people, communicators, visual artists) to come up with campaigns that could change the reputation of the Rahova neighborhood through visual arts, entrepreneurship and intelligent communication.

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The best campaign ideas will be rewarded with scholarships at The Alternative Schoool. The total value of the prizes is over Euro 5,000 and, more importantly, School’s attendees get the chance to qualify for Eurobest  and Cannes Lions, the most prestigious European and worldwide events dedicated to creative thinking.

The brief will be available on Creative Est #0’s Facebook page and the creative solutions are expected before September 10. The winners will be announced on Thursday, September 11.


To capitalize the creative energy of this country’s people isn’t easy, but is fabulous when it happens. Therefore, what the Oricum Association is doing is big. They deserve applause. Cannes Lions Romania, through The Alternative School’s projects, has been educating and promoting young Romanian talents outside the country for 10 years now. We know it isn’t easy, that’s why we feel at home at Creative Est #0. It’s great when people that feel and think alike can capitalize an idea. Almost every time, the result is greater than the sum of its parts. Fingers crossed for those that confirmed the participation at Creative Est #0

Teo Migdalovici,

Cannes Lions ambassador in Romania & Founder The Alternative School for Creative Thinking.

Throughout the events at Creative Est #0, Cannes Lions Romania and The Alternative School will have 2 other important contributions – a selection of the best Design case studies from Cannes Lions on Saturday night and a dialogue with the public at Aperitiv Creativ, which will take place on Sunday from 3p.m. There will be served facts: the results of the past ten years’ creative trainings and how they bet on education and managed to change the reputation of Romanian creativity from shame to fame, worldwide. The guests of the event will be Teo Migdalovici – Cannes Lions ambassador in Romania, Bianca Dumitrascu, Razvan Ghilencea – the Romanian gold winners at Young Lions Cyber 2014, Alex Haidamac – part of the gold winning team at Young Lions Design 2013.

The Alternative School for Creative Thinking is a Creative MBA unique in Eastern Europe. In the past 9 years, this learning, coaching and competition platform has allowed over 250 young Romanian creative to travel and study abroad – and the best of them were awarded at Eurobest and Cannes Lions.

The applications for the Eurobest semester start September 6, with additional info available on Alternative School’s website.

The meeting which will announce the results of the competition will take place at Unicredit Tiriac Bank headquarters on September 11, starting 6 p.m.