Romanian Football involvement infographic, launched by  Starcom MediaVest Group Romania

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Starcom MediaVest launched the 16th HumanGraphExperience infographic, “Romanian Football Involvement”. The study was based on data athered by using media planning tools, date offered by Romanian National Audience study and conclusions resulted following tens of extended interviews with football fans.

Considering the brand associations attracted by Worldwide Football Championship, the study aimed to evaluate the impact football has on its fans. The study focused on the local audience and its conclusions refer to Romanians that watched World Cup. the interest for local championships and fans involvement degree, along with the marketing opportunities for the brands.

Romanians interest for World cup increased considerably, with 2014 edition attracted 43% viewers than the one in 2010. The Romanian multi-channel consumption habit was confirmed also during World Cup, with the event being mentioned on all social media channels and most comments being posted in real time.

As Google Trends show, Romanians’ interest for World cup increased 3 times this year compared to 2010, while the interest for local competitions halved.

When it comes of fans, there are 3 typologies: Observers (watch only certain games), fans (watching their favorite team, encourage it and get involved emotionally) and players (are participating to games at lease once a trimester and are interested in technical aspects of the game)

Although most football fans are men, there are almost 1M women that are fans of football in Romania and which aren’t targeted by advertising campaigns.

While football can be considered a mass subject of interest, the involvement appears only from certain types of supporters, in circumstances involving their favorite teams. Meanwhile, supporters can migrate easily from the observer status to the fan one, if the created circumstances are favorable, which makes public’s needs and expectations difficult to evaluate. A more exact delimitation of these emotions represents a marketing opportunity that brands can explore

Rodica Mihalache

Head of Consumer Insight, Starcom MediaVest

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