Hiccup Media signs the campaign targeting US market for online language learning service Babbel

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Hiccup Media signs the first campaign made by Babbel, online language learning service, targeting US market. Babbel tries to make studying new languages fun and easy and, in order to reach US market, the Berlin-based company turned to the full service creative boutique Hiccup Media to craft a campaign that captures what users around the world love about Babbel.

Babbel was looking to work with a one source creative solution — a company that could translate their unique solution into a creative strategy and execute it under one roof (…) Babbel is a part of the growing on-demand learning sector, which is much different than traditional education. The service is popular with online and mobile users that are hungry to learn new languages – people who wake up one morning and decide they want to improve themselves. It’s more something they want to do rather than need to do, and that is a very empowering idea.

Rob Simone,

Hiccup Media Managing Director

Although popular internationally (Babbel boasts 1300 new users per hour), the ad campaign marks the company’s first broad effort to reach U.S. users and, for that, Hiccup came up with campaigns’ launch ad, “Educate Anywhere”, which just started to be aired internationally.

Concept’s execution was implemented by Michael Cruz, Creative Director Hiccup Media, who directed and edited the spot. For Cruz, the versatility of the solution (phone, tablet, laptop) was important to highlight. To that end, the piece features a simple static shot from the POV of the Babbel user in the foreground, while behind them backgrounds shift quickly from kitchen to office to living room and bedroom.

We wanted to create something that was both clear and visually dynamic (…) The concept we came up with features deconstructed backgrounds that transition us from scene to scene falling in line with the idea of mobility. We wanted to make the scene seem more theatric.

Michael Cruz

Campaign credits: 

Client: Babbel

Agency/Production/Post: Hiccup Media New York

Creative Director/Director/Editor: Michael Cruz

Managing Director/Copywriter: Rob Simone

Producer: Kayleigh Reed

Visual Effects/Animation: Molecule Digital Communications Los Angeles

Music/Audio: Hobo Audio New York