Romanian Initiative and BPN on Competition’s Council fines

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Initiative and Brand Programming Network (BPN) – both member of Lowe Group Romania – are rejecting the decision of Romanian Competition Council. Despite of the factual, logical and non-equivocal argumentation presented by the 11 fined agencies and based on a subjective, stuttering and without essence report, Competition Council incriminates the agencies for disrespecting the competition law invoking their intention to eliminate a certain rival from the Romanian media market.

Octav Popescu, Vicepresedinte, Initiative

According to a statement made by Octavian Popescu, Vice President Initiative Romania, and submitted to the press:

Competition Council’s decision is even more surprising as there is no evidence on breaking the competition law when it comes of the actions made by the 11 fined agencies. It is sad to see that authorities – theoretically objective – belonging to the state positioned, in an unequivocal manner, on the side of those who believe they can influence them.

We consider that the decision made by Competition Council is unfair and can represent an unfortunate episode in the development of Romanian media business, which was already affected by a political decision made in emergency manner in 2013, without considering the opinion of the professional organizations in the field or the international practices.

Our agencies represent business models at a high professional standard and with an undoubtedly level of ethics and honesty. And they will always be like that. We are prepared to continue our efforts against Competition Council’s decision and to fight to expose and counter the unethical practices, an attitude shared by all the main actors in the Romanian media market, in order to promote transparency and a correct competitive business climate