Stephen the Great and Michel The Valiant try to mobilize Romanians to  vote, in a campaign signed by Leo Burnett Group

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The right to vote is one of the fundamental rights and, before the 2014 Romanian presidential elections, 60% Romanians don’t even want to go to vote.

This is the insight Leo Burnett Group Romania used for a campaign in which it demands what would have happened if, in Romania’s critical historical moments, the forefathers wouldn’t have be present. The “Come to vote” campaigns, made by Leo Burnett Group for Pro Democratia association, aims to make people to go and vote at the presidential elections. The campaign includes 2 TVCs, in which the main characters are 2 Romanian historical heroes, Michael the Valiant and Stephen the Great.

The ads start from a historical reality, the incredible capacity of Romanians to mobilize in the past when facing the danger represented by invading armies. The ads rewrite the faith of 2 historical fights as if the mobilization of forces wouldn’t have happened, as it happens today when it comes to vote

This campaign was born from my sudden increase of blood pressure when, while in London, I was reading the news from the country. Because no matter where we are in this world, the blood doesn’t turn into water. I found that it beats it all for our faith to be decided by the lack of participation from a fed-up majority. And than my mind flew to the history and to how today’s clumsy excuses would have affected our forefathers. The TV ads are just the tip of the iceberg, stay close, we really want to reach to consciences in this country

Razvan Capanescu,

Chief Creative Officer Leo Burnett Group.

Campaign’s website,, hosts info on Romanians’ absenteeism during the electoral period, with a feed with reactions to “Come to vote” campaign and some scenarios on the faith Romanians would have had if they wouldn’t have said “present” in the key moments of their history.

The communication campaign from Pro Democratia and Leo Burnett Group aims to change Romanians’s way of acting when it comes to vote and encourage as many people as possible to submit their options during elections.