Felix Baumgartner spoke with Romanians for the first time, at Enlightening 3.0 Business Odyssey


Marketing Insiders Group closed the leadership event Enlightening 3.0 – “Business Odyssey” edition, with Felix Baumgartner and an out-of-the-box press conference organized in Bucharest on October 24th.

Felix Baumgartner‘s presence in Romania was announced with a jump organized by Marketing Insiders Group and Red Bull Romania and performed by world champion Alexandru Nicolau.

Baumgartner was in Romania on October 22-24 and met with Romanian business community and not only at  Enlightening – Business Odyssey conference, an event hosted by Oana Marinescu, Managing Director OMA Vision.  Felix was impressed by the collaboration with Marketing Insiders Group, by the way event was made and the way of acting and respect shown by Romanians; he said that, although Romania doesn’t have a positive image in Austria, he will come back for sure in Romania.

During the conference, Felix told the audience the story of his passion for the extreme world, a story about courage, a journey that doesn’t know spatial or temporal limits, a lesson on achieving the peaking point in the way towards professional and personal success.