(UPDATED) Henri, a tardy passenger, is the persona created to represent Bucharest main airport’s mobile app

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(adds info on the mechanism of the app and purpose)

Romanian agency Rusu+Borțun Brand Growers signed the creative part of the launch campaign for Henri AppPort, the official app of the International Airport Henri Coanda in Bucharest.

Developed by Expremio Marketing, part of Bit Soft Group, Henri AppPort app has 2 main functions: real time notifications on the status of any flight and other useful details and localization on the map for check ins and embarking gates for each flight, along with the position for the stores and services spaces. App’s users are receiving also loyality points which can be turned into discount points and special offers in airport’s restaurants and caffees


The creative concept of the campaign continues the idea on which there were made the development of the app and the marketing strategy implemented by Expremio. According to this idea, passengers’ experience in the airport becomes less pleasant because of the stress related to the fear of loosing their flight.

Henri AppPort - Henri Cosmonaut

In the center of the campaign is Henri, a persona representing the passenger, presented in 2 extreme situation, in space and diving in the ocean. He shows that, using the app, any distance until the boarding gate can be covered in a rapid and efficient manner. Henri was drawn by Andreea Țimpea, on a concept by Mircea Craciun.

Henri AppPort - Henri Scafandru

We like to support projects that deserve to exist. And we like Henry, he’s an extreme passenger, with beard and eyeglasses, which doesn’t plan to well his time and, the moment he should leave towards airport, does snorkeling in the ocean or flies through space. And even so, he manages to catch his flight. These are, of course, dramatizations meant to show Henri AppPort facilitates the departures from Henri Coanda Airport and helps anyone feel closer to the boarding gate, no matter the place one has fun before or after check-in

Rusu+Borțun Brand Growers’ team.

HenriApp Port - Panou Check In (scafandru)

The campaign runs in print, online, on Henri Coanda’s airport media channels and in airport’s caffees and restaurants.

HenriApp Port - Panou Check In (cosmonaut)

The teams working on the project included

  • Rusu+Borțun Brand Growers: Mircea Crăciun (Senior Creative), Marc Borțun (Creative Partner), Andreea Țimpea (Ilustrator & Designer), Maria Sarivan (Brand Growing Manager), Anca Uscatescu (Senior Graphic Designer);
  • Alpha Rocas: Ștefan Șerbănescu (IT & Marketing Manager);
  • Expremio: Gabriela Enescu (Managing Partner), Alexandru Băduț (Digital Manager), Irina Mateescu (Digital Planner), Alexandra Rusu (Digital Content Creator) and programmers team Lucian Ilie – Sebastian Șerban.

According Expremio – Romanian company which is part of Bit Soft Group and offers digital marketing services and loyalization programs for hospitality industry – Henri AppPort is more than a mobile app, it is an innovative mechanism meant to insure clients’ loyalization.

Expremio built Henri AppPort and its associated loyalization program, along with the launch and promotional campaign for the project.

The app has double main functionality: includes  the tables with all the info on flights coming and departin from Henri Coanda Airport in Bucharest and other useful details. Also, while using the app, the users are receiving loyality points awarded through a gamification mechanism. The second functionality is part of a clients loyalization program for Alpha Rocas, created on Egenda tech platform

The development of the app and the marketing strategy created and implemented by Expremio were centered on an insight many of those travelling from Henri Coanda Airport identified with, namely the fact that the experience in the airport becomes less pleasant because of the stress related to the possibility of missing the flight. Henri AppPort launch and promotional campaign was built around the functional benefits the app offers, which not only solves a real problem, but also contributes to creating a more pleasant experience for travellers

Gabriela Enescu,

Managing Partner Expremio.

The app is available in Romanian and English, compatible with Google Android and Apple IOS and available for free download on www.henriappport.ro.