3MillionDogs.com launched the first aggregator of dog deals online, GoodDogDeals.

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Remember Dogbook a few years ago? Well, meanwhile the things evolved and 3MillionDogs.com launched the first aggregator of dog deals online, GoodDogDeals.


3MillionDogs.com (formerly Dogbook), one of the fastest growing websites for dogs, announced the launch of GoodDogDeals. With over 100,000 products from leading online retailers like PetFlow, Wag, PetCo, PetSmart and many others, the site gives users the ability to shop and compare prices on food, toys, accessories and medicine all in one place.

And not only will GoodDogDeals be a one stop shop for all things dog, but it will also be a great place to give back to dogs in need with 5% of profits going to deserving shelters. It’s all part of 3MillionDogs efforts to “Make the World a Better Place for Dogs.”

Americans spend an average of $1,470 (ASPCA.org) a year on dog supplies and services. GoodDogDeals is a groundbreaking way for consumers to simplify their purchase process and save money

Richard Kellam,

Former Global Chief Customer Officer for Mars Pet Care

Advisor 3MillionDogs.com.


 This is just the beginning, as we’re planning to broaden our offering with the ability for people to compare veterinarians, breeders, boarders, rescues and even give users the ability to find a local dog walker

Geoffrey Roche.

3MillionDogs.com is based in Toronto, Canada with offices in New York and San Francisco. Founded in November 2013, the company sees over 2 Million-page views per month of its videos, stories and health advice for dogs and the people that “get them”.