enters the 2Parale affiliate marketing network

Business, e-Commerce

Starting November,, part of Telekom Romania group, uses 2Parale platform, the largest network of affiliate marketing in Romania. Thus, affiliates can promote over 200 IT&C products available on the website (mobile phones, tablets, computers & peripherals, electronics, photo & video).

The new partnership aims to bring a large range of products available on the website closer to its online customers and more opportunities of earnings for 2Parale affiliates.

We continuously come with the best deals for our customers. Our entrance in 2Parale affiliate marketing network is a new opportunity to make our products even more visible to the customers interested in technology and electronics. More than that, affiliates from 2Parale platform can increase their revenues due to an advantageous commission

Alina Cazacu,

E-Activities Non Core Business Romania Manager, Telekom Romania operations.

 We are pleased decided to enter in 2Parale affiliate network as we enjoy every single decision of big brands to target performance marketing services. We expect a player so important in telecom market to attract high involvement of more than 36,000 affiliates from 2Parale network, in a very popular category – IT&C

Dorin Boerescu,

CEO 2Parale.

Through the new program, affiliates from 2Parale network receive a 3.5% commission for each order placed on The partnership is a normal one, after, part of Telekom Romania group, also joined 2Parale affiliate marketing network.

On top of this, joins the Black Friday campaign organized by 2Parale, as during this period the affiliates receive a special commission of 1.65%.

Besides telecommunication, Germanos Telecom Romania also offers a wide array of services: G-agenda plus – the transfer of multimedia content from one mobile phone to another, G-technical service, G-invoice payment – for Telekom Romania, Zapp and NextGen services, G-crediting – the possibility to purchase products in instalments or G-ticket – tickets for music and cultural events, G-preorder – a web-based service which offers in premiere the last novelties in telecom, and which gadget lovers can pre-order before these products are being introduced into the market.

In Romania, Germanos is present since 1996, becoming the main retail and distribution network for mobile telephony products and services.

A pioneer of performance marketing in Romania, 2Parale includes the first and biggest affiliate network in the country, as well as one of the strongest team focused on performance marketing services (Affiliate, Pay per Click, Content Marketing and Social Media). The company operates also on the Bulgarian market as industry leader in affiliate marketing. 2Parale portfolio incudes over 400 customers in major market categories, as Vodafone Romania, Elefant, Avon Romania, Arabesque, Provident, evoMAG, Fashion Days, F64,, TinaR, Clickshop, Libris, MyCloset, Vivre, RCA-ieftin and Miniprix.