MillwardBrown study: Black Friday, more and more impactfull in Romania

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MillwardBrown Romania released a study related to Black Friday which shows the number of Romanians intending to buy with this occasion continues to grow.

According to the study, 63% Romanians aged 18-65 y.o. heard about this year’s Black Friday discounts, a third more compared to last year (+1.7M people)

Black Friday’s success during the previous year, the increase in number of players participating to the event, the diversification of discounted categories, the increased media exposure, all those contributed to achieving the high level of notoriety of Black Friday among Romanians

Daniela Lazar,

Managing Director, MillwardBrown Romania.

The number of Romanians planning to buy something on Black Friday is also higher, with over 1.3M people saying they want to make purchases during the event. In other words, 38% Romanians aged 18 – 65 y.o. (around 4.75M people) want to buy something on Black Friday.

Same as during the previous year, among men and young people  (24 – 34 y.o.), there is a significantly high level of buying intention compared to the general population.

Generally, men are more enthusiastic than women when it comes of online buys. One explanation is the products women are more interested in (like clothes, shoes or personal care products) are rather “sensorial” and need a direct experience in order to completely be validated before purchase. The satisfaction of this need continues to represent an important bareer

Daniela Lazar.

This year’s Black Friday shopping list for Romanians is, as it follows:

mb table black friday

The research was made on a national sample of 2,000 respondents from rural and urban areas, aged 18 -65 y.o. The interviews were made, by phone, between October 31st and November 3rd.