Gemius analyzed trends in mobile internet for CEE, in “Consumers go mobile” report

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Gemius analyzed the mobile internet trends in Central and Eastern Europe, in “Consumers go mobile” report. The report shows Apple dominates the tablets segment, while Samsung is number one when it comes of smartphones. When it comes of traffic, the maximum traffic from PCs comes during the working hours, tablets generate most traffic during the evening and over the week-ends, while smartphones are intensely used during the entire day, with a spike in intensity during the evening.

According to the report, 9% of the internet traffic in Romania is generated by mobile devices.

In 2012, mobile traffic represented only 3% of the entire internet traffic in CEE region. By now, its share reached 10%.

The country with the highest percentage of mobile traffic is Croatia, where over 20% of all page views in June 2014 were generated from mobile devices. Lithuania, Slovakia, Serbia, Turkey, Macedonia and Estonia also have higher then the regional average percentages when it comes of mobile internet. A relatively low mobile internet traffic is visible in Romania, Bulgaria and Russia (9%), Belarus (9%), Ukraine (5%) and Moldova (1%).

The internet using habits differ from one device to another. Due to the high number of devices, users’ consumption habits became more and more complex.

During the week, 52% of PC internet traffic is generated during work hours (8AM – 5PM), while, during the week-end, the pattern changes, with traffic being more intense in the afternoon and in the evening. When it comes of tablets, its are used during the week mainly in the evening (6PM – 11PM), while the week-end sees them used all day long (9AM – 11PM) with a spike of traffic in the evebning (10-11PM). Used all day long, smartphones generate the most traffic between 9PM-11PM during week days and between 9PM-10PM during week-end.

According to the study, Apple is the most popular tablets producer in the region (for example, in June 2014, 71% from page views in Romania were generated from iPads), but it slowly looses the leader position in CEE due to the increase in popularity of Samsung tablets.