Geometry Global Bucharest signs a new promo campaign for Visa Europe in Romania

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Geometry Global Bucharest, part of the largest brand activation group in the world, launches the new promo campaign for Visa Europe, a campaign which urges Romanians to pay their taxes by card. “It’s easy to pay your taxes with Visa. It’s easy to win your tax refund.” – This is the message Visa used to encourage clients to pay their taxes by card.

And if the “time” saved is not reason enough to use the electronic version, Visa cardholders have the chance to win 381 prizes during the campaign. Furthermore, the winning transaction will award the cardholder the equivalent of 10 years’ taxes (based on the current amount).

KV Visa Final

All Visa cardholders who pay their taxes by card between January 15th – March 31st 2015, will automatically enter the promo campaign “With any card Visa it’s easy to pay your taxes and it’s easy to win 5 tax refunds per day or the big prize – 10 years tax free”. Participants enter a lottery whereby they can win one of the 5 daily prizes offered throughout the campaign.

The payment of the taxes using any Visa card is now possible at the main financial administrations and town halls in Romania. Beside the benefits associated with this type of card payments (zero commission, comfort and safety), we wanted to bring in additional advantages for Visa cardholders who pay their taxes by card: they save time and win money prizes. The communication message desires to inform the population about the locations where taxes can be easily paid and, moreover, how they can win their 10 years taxes refund with the payments with Visa card

Madalin Nitis,

Marketing and Communications Manager

Romania, Croatia & Slovenia, Visa Europe

The communication agency was selected after winning a pitch wherein several other agencies participated, Geometry Global team having been designated to spearhead the campaign strategy, creation and implementation.

The campaign « It’s easy to pay your taxes with Visa. It’s easy to win your tax refund » has at its core 3 main benefits: comission zero, safety and comfort (avoiding the trip to and from the ATM). The campaign time frame has been chosen strategically, starting from the insight that most contributors traditionally pay their taxes by the end of March, they will benefit from the 10% discount offered by the authorities and will also have the rest of the year to make their plans come to life. Visa Europe is a client who brings added value to the agency’s portfolio and is represented by a team we fell in love with and with whom we envision a long life – both online and offline.

Mihaela Bourceanu,

Client Service Director Geometry Global

The campaign airs between January 15th – March 31st 2015, spanning the following channels: written press, online, TV, radio, outdoor, indoor and social media. Furthermore, the campaign will also feature BTL active promos, which will give away 381 prizes, in a total amount of maximum 200,000 lei (approximately 45,000 Euro). The prizes will be awarded through lucky draw system, in accordance with the campaign regulations available on The big prize – ”10 years tax free” – represents the lei equivalent of the winning transaction (respective tax payment) multiplied by 10. The money is transferred back into the winner’s account. More details about the campaign, as well as a complete list of municipalities who accept card payments, on

Campaign credits:

  • Geometry Global Team: Mihaela Bourceanu (Client Service Director), Patricia Arbanas (Account Director), Mihai Fetcu (Creative Director), Alina Buzatu (Head of Strategy), Cristina Ungureanu (Communication Planner), Aura Alboiu (Group Creative Director), Laurentiu Dumbrava (Senior Art Director), Alina Varlanuta (Copywriter), Andreea Bagita (Copywriter), Patricia  Suliman (Senior Art Director), Ada Iftodi (Account Manager), Dorina Sandu (Senior DTP).
  • Visa Europe Team: Madalin Nitis (Marketing and Communications Manager for Romania, Croatia and Slovenia), Ioana Vieru (Marketing Specialist for Romania).