GfK Romania: McDonald’s and KFC are Romanians’ preferred fast-food places

Consumption Habits, Marketing, Studies

GfK Romania released the results of a study investigating Romanians’ consumption habits when it comes of eating outside their homes.

According to the study, fast-food restaurants selling burgers, shaworma, fried chicken and fries are preferred when it comes of buying meals to be consumed fast, with 50% of study’s participants stating they bought fast-food during the last month.

Fast-food restaurants have mainly a male clientele, while women are more likely to choose bakery or bagels. Most of the clients from these categories are aged 25-24 y.o.

Pizza, including home delivery, ranks third in the top of preferences and have a younger public (18-24 y.o.). Pizzerias are also the most common option for people with income higher than the average, while people with low income choose bakeries.

The bakeries are as popular as the fast-foods in medium towns, while pizzerias are favorite in big cities, excepting Romanian capital.

The study shows that only 2% of Romanians eat out every day. Most of them (20%) eat ready-made meals once to three times a week, with men being more numerous than women.

People young and very young (15-24 y.o.) are those who use to spend the most often to eat out, especially those from Bucharest and big Romanian cities.

The people living in Bucharest and big cities are champions in frequency of food consumption outside the home, with a double percentage compared to the other Romanians. People with high income (over RON 4,000 / around Euro 1,000) are those who eat out even more than once a day.

The most popular places to buy a meal or a snack to eat outside home are McDonald’s, KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken), shaworma makers, pizzerias, fornetti, independent fast-foods, caffees / Snack-bars / Buffets, Spring Time, Subway and Viva (OMV fast-food restaurants)

The study was made by GfK Romania on a representative sample of 1,000 people from all over Romania, aged 15+.