Romanian company launches – monitoring cats in Social Media

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Four years passed since we launched Zelist Monitor and just now we started to understand for real what is Social Media all about. The answer was always just in front of our eyes but, as we well know, the obvious solutions are, most of the times, the hardest to find. Pure and simple, we had this insight following an exhaustive 6-months study related to the preferences of our clietns. And we noticed that those professionals, dedicated body and soul to the domains they are active in, are infusing social media on daily basis with their passion: C-A-T-S

Catalin Tenita,

Founder TreeWorks.

To celebrate 4 years of monitoring with ZeList Monitor, TreeWorks launched a free public service – available on – as cats and their actions must be “open source”.

Under the tagline “We find all the cats in social media”, TreeWorks launched #kittymonitor hashtag that all cat lovers are invited to use to express their passions on social networks.

kitty monitor

The launch of the KittyMonitor is part of a TreeWorks double initiative: self-promo campaign for its monitoring service ZeList Monitor and an action meant to represent a gift for women in the start of spring and right before International Woman’s Day.

Zelist Monitor, developed and implemented by TreeWorks, is the most complex social media monitoring solution in Romania, following over 65,000 blogs, over 55,000 Twitter accounts, over 20,000 Facebook pages and public groups, over 1,200 sources in online press and the most important 58 forums in Romania.

The platform offers professionals in communication access to quantitative and qualitative info on how the PR campaign are reflecting in Romanian social media, descriptive statistics and monitoring lists for materials published, reports on competition, real time alerts related to the latest post /tweets, comparative analysis of 2 or more brands and an evaluation of their impact considering source’s visibility / credibility, comparative analysis of 2 or more brands, chronological evolution of brands before and after running promotional campaigns, measurement of impact for the message sent by communicator and the achieved level or viralization.