IKEA launches furniture that allow wireless charging


At Mobile World Congress, IKEA announced the launch of the first products from a collection which will help to wireless charge gadgets such are smartphones and tablets. The new solution to transform tables, lamps and desks into hot-spots will be available in Europe and North America starting April.

IKEA Wireless Charging_1

Wireless charger products collection is part of Home Smart, a new direction in developing the range through which IKEA aims to find innovative ideas for a better daily life at home. The collection uses new and accessible technologies and answers consumers’ need to have access to flexible charging solutions at home or at work.

IKEA Wireless Charging_2

According to the researches we made in consumers’ houses, we found out people hate having tangled cables in their homes. They are afraid not to loose the chargers and run out of battery. Our new solution, which integrates wireless chargers into furniture products makes more simple charging phones and tablets

Jeanette Skjelmose,

Business Area Manager Lighting and Wireless Charging IKEA

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This tech uses the global certification standard Qi.

David Wahl, known Swedish product designer, was one of the people working on the new IKEA collection.

We created these intelligent wireless charging solutions because we want to stop seeing cables everywhere. You can charge more products in the same time and still have a nice and wireless home. Moreover, we wanted the products to adapt to any space and be easy to use. The result is a charging device with simple design, that can be adapted in different rooms and for different furniture products

David Wahl.

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