Cif continues to clean Romania in 2015, together with McCann and MRM


Together with MRM Romania and McCann Bucharest, Cif (Unilever brand) started, last year, a campaign aiming to clean the streets of aggressive language and images susceptible to influence in a negative manner children’s development.

As last year’s campaign was a success, “Cif cleans Romania” comes back in February 2015, but goes even further, aiming to clean flat buildings’ stairs. For this year’s campaign, people from any Romanian town can enter their flat building’s stair case on the list of spaces deserving to be cleaned.

CIF Curata scarile de bloc

Campaign’s mechanism is simple: anyone can enter on Cif’s website, mentioning the address, the number of floors the building has and adding a nice memory which happened on the stair case. Following a selection process, the qualified stair-cases will receive the visit of Cif’s specialized cleaning team. Photos from before and after the cleaning will be posted on Cif’s website as soon as the cleaning operations are done.

The new campaign “Cif cleans Romania” started in February, with an online documentary. A TVC was created also, presenting the details of the campaign and launching a promotion for Cif products. The TVC will be broadcasted starting February until April.


  • Unilever: Dan Oprescu – Brand Building Director Unilever South Central Europe; Monica Tamaş – Senior Brand Manager Household Cleaning Unilever South Central Europe; Andreea Mihaela Ichim – Brand Building Executive Cif, Unilever South Central Europe.
  • McCann Bucharest: Alexandru Dumitrescu – Executive Creative Director; Gabriela Alexandrescu – Group Account Director; Ioana Zamfir – Copywriter; Arpad Rezi – Art Director; Ana Placintă – Account Manager; Ionela Tatu – Account Executive; Mihaela Vasilescu – Account Manager; Iulia Ciortan – Account Executive; Ileana Serban Parau – Senior Strategic Planner; Tiberiu Munteanu – AV Manager; Oana Ioan – AV Producer; Carmen Bistrian – Corporate Communication Manager.
  • MRM Worldwide Romania: Nir Refuah – GM MRM Worldwide Romania, Chief Innovation Officer McCann Erickson Central-East Europe;  Oana Gheorghe – Copywriter; Bogdan Dinu  – Art Director; Ionela Buta – Client Service Director; Tina Cretu – Account Manager; Bogdan Deaconescu – Web Developer.
  • Momentum: Andrei Toniuc – Executiv Director; Dragoş Vîntu – Retail & Experiential Account Director; Mădălina Patachia – Account Executive; Sorin Creţoiu – Event Manager; Ovidiu Radu – Event Director.
  • McCann PR: Ruxandra Vasilescu – Senior Consultant; Bianca Severin – Account Manager.