John Merrifield, CCO Google Asia Pacific – LIA’s 2015 The NEW Jury President

Creativity, Festivals & Awards

John Merrifield, Chief Creative Officer Google Asia Pacific, has been named the 2015 London International Awards (LIA) Jury President for The NEW. The NEW was created by LIA to reward compelling, breakthrough work that refuses to be categorized in any other way.

Entries into The NEW should be work that’s delivered with a freshness that makes its impact ever more potent.  LIA has re-vamped The NEW for 2015 by adding the following categories: Brand Content, Brand Experience, Brand Technology, IP and/or Licensing, Media Innovation, Self-Promotion and Technology Development. The additional categories were added to stay relevant in this rapidly-evolving industry.


Every year jury presidents of The NEW find it difficult to explain precisely what it entails. This year is no different. I think this is its core strength. By definition, something new this year won’t be new the next. The goalposts move. As well they should, otherwise where’s the new? (…) Broadly speaking, the work that wins in The NEW category should feel orphaned in other categories. It should feel like a step change. We should be looking for work that’s delivered with a freshness that makes its impact ever more potent. Work that attempts to be category defining in and of itself.

John Merrifield,

Chief Creative Officer Google Asia Pacific

Based in Singapore, Merrifield joined Google in late 2012 as Chief Creative Officer for Asia-Pacific and leads as team that is hubbed in Singapore, Tokyo and Sydney. He has won multiple gold lions at Cannes, multiple gold pencils at the One Show, the grand prix and multiples golds at the Clios, twice best of show alongside multiple golds at AdFest, multiple golds at Spikes Asia, multiple golds at AWARD and the ADC prize in Tokyo.

John is the only person to ever be named Asia’s Creative of the Year twice, in 2004 and 2008, and has been asked to judge and speak at almost every major award show on the planet.

The LIA 2015 Entry System is now accepting entries. Judging will take place from 1st October to 10th October. The shortlists will be announced as each judging session concludes, with winners being announced 2nd November.