Studioset – fusion between full service and animation services on Romanian market


After couple years of successful collaboration, the Romanian full service production house Studioset and the animation studio Framebreed merged under the brand Studioset, in the beginning of 2015.


On January 1st, the two studios moved in a new headquarters. Also, they continued to work together, now as part of one company, and the first projects made in the new formula were two ads for Zizin and Nestea.


Reunited into a single entity, Studioset and Framebreed became one full service production house, for advertising, film and TV. The range of services the merged company offers include production, post-production and post-production on set consultancy services for all types of projects, from live action to animation and 3D graphics integrated solutions.


This merger also helps cost-wise, because we have a team of 10-20 dedicated people for each in-hose projects and, this way, we save some costs that other production houses support by working with freelancers. For example, now we can make the coloring and compositing in a single place

Andrei Brovcenco,

Co-Owner Framebreed.

In the new formula, Studioset offers VFX 3D services through a team of professionals that worked a lot with abroad clients from Spain, France, Italy and US. One of the most known Framebreed projects is the well-known Sponge Bob animation.


We wanted a lot to bring together all creative and nice people we met and we worked well with over the time and to form a dynamic team, who will work on advertising and film projects delivering a quality matching the same standards as abroad

Sorin Baican,

Co-Owner Studioset.