Study: Bad reputation companies – 75% Romanians don’t want to work for them

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Over 75% Romanians consider that reputation of a company is important when they are looking for a job, while a quarter of them see lack of transparency within a company and the lack of vision for its future and the future of the employees are heavily deteriorating the relation between the employee and management. Moreover, in critical situations, like employers suspected of tax fraud, 37% Romanians would demand official clarification from the employer and 16% would denounce it to authorities.

The above conclusions come from the study “The importance of companies’ reputation in relation to their employees”, released by Rogalski Damaschin Public Relations at Timisoara Business Days, event dedicated to business performance.

72% of respondents said that company’s reputation is important when they are looking for a new job. Also, 63% recommended their employer to their acquaintances, while 25% hold back in recommending their current job. According to the study, most of respondents would rather work for a company paying less than market average but has business practices appreciated by community and society, while 36% said they would like to work for an employer paying over market’s average but has controversial business practices.

During the last 6 months, half Romanians looked for a job or was invited by a potential employer for an interview. The main reasons to leave a job are the desire to make more money, the option to advance within the career and the bad reputation of an employer among the employees. On the other hand, Romanians would keep their job if they would feel valued, safe and if the company would have a better reputation.

For half respondents, the lack of communication with the direct coordinator is a clear reason why the relation with their employer is degrading and this reason is deemed more important than the pay package, considered a reason for conflict for 48% employees. Next in line are high pressure from superiors (37%), lack of transparency within the firm (34%) and company’s lack of vision for its own future and employees’ future.

Romanian employees expect their employers to show integrity and responsibility and they also want to feel inspired by company’s leader.

The study was made by Rogalski Damaschin Public Relations in partnership with on a sample of respondents aged 18-over 55 y.o living in urban areas, with superior education and income of RON 1000 -3000