SeniorHyper used the Black Widow and tarantulas to promote Romanian Natural History Museum

Creativity, Digital & Media

SeniorHyper, Romanian digital advertising agency part of Lowe Group Romania, signed the communication campaign promoting the live spiders and scorpions exhibition hosted by Romanian Natural History Museum “Grigore Antipa” from February 26th to July 5th.

SENIORHYPER pentru Antipa

Over time, fueled by stories and myths, the image of arachnids became one that awakes strong feelings among people, from fear to admiration. Their popularity also brought them in the attention of cinema industry and this was the premise from which the communication campaign started. Taking place under the tag line “Dangerous Web”, the campaign is inspired by the world of movies, with spiders and scorpions interpreting roles held normally by Michelle Pfeifer, Keanu Reeves or John Malkovich.

The campaign, presenting the exhibition as a movie launch, included a teasing and a revealing stage. In teasing, the agency built public’s expectations when it came of the actors in the main roles and, afterwards, the people were invited to meet the Black Widow and the tarantula.

The campaign was declined in media, print and online, OOH, newsletters, radio ads and via Facebook.

I grew up with Spider-Man and his adventures so the proximity to my childhood hero was more than welcome. To work for Dangerous Webs, we must read a lot about spiders (…) It was special to be able to work for Grigore Antipa Museum and for this exhibition. I think the biggest and most unexpected reward was when we were invited by the museum, one day before the launch, and we could see close the stars and even hold a tarantula in our hand

Vasile Alboiu,

Creative Director SeniorHyper

SeniorHyper team handling the campaign included Vasile Alboiu (Creative Director), Alin Marghidanu (Group Creative Director), Alexandru Gheorghe (Art Director), Vlad Emandi (Flash Designer) and Ximena Dragusin (Digital Activation Director). The media for the campaign was handled by Initiative