IAB Romania elected a new president and a new managing board

Digital & Media

During its most recent General Assembly, on April 24th, IAB Romania elected Ionut Oprea as its presidenta new vice-president, Gabriel Patru (MEC) and also appointed a new managing board.

IAB Romania’s new managing board for the next 2 years includes

  • Raluca Mateiu (Internet Corp)
  • Cosmin Nastasa (iLeo)
  • Gabriel Patru (MEC Global)
  • Dragos Stanca (Think Digital)
  • Sebastian Cochinescu (Burda)
  • Dan Balotescu (Media Investment)
  • Ionut Oprea (Standout),
  • Cosmin Otel (Initiative)
  • Alex Volocaru (Orange).

We will continue to contribute, along with the entire industry, to the increase of the interactive advertising market and we will keep preparing a healthy development on long and medium term. For this, we need an increased involvement of all members in our industry activities, both self-regulatory ones and the ones meant to maximize the interest of the clients for this environment, so we can impose together, in a more active manner than until now, the entire palette of its results and potential

Ionut Oprea,

Manager Standout & President IAB Romania

The General Assembly also approved the expansion of MIXX Awards with 2 new categories, one for video and one for journalists. The awards are scheduled to take place on June 11th, during ICEEFest.

Romanian online is over the star-child stage so it is the moment for IAB Romania to be much more present and assume an even more active role in online education and development both at agencies’ level and at clients’ level. We have young, professional and ambitious members in which we saw the motivation to make a difference and that makes me believe that we will develop beautiful and daring projects

Gabriel Patru,

Vice-president IAB Romania.

IAB’s Assembly decided to develop IAB Romania Members Credentials, a document in which each of the members of IAB Romania will present their companies and relevant projects. The material will be produced both in print and digital, with the purpose to increase the degree of visibility of all members among local and international advertisers.

Moreover, during the next 2 months, the association will make public the results of the studies made under IAB Romania’s umbrella: Opportunities and challenges of online advertising industry and DigitalSCOPE – a study made at regional level, related to the attitude of consumers towards internet and online’s impact in buying decision, but also the perception towards the brands