We Are Social and Singapore Artists illuminated the city with Lenovo YOGA Tablet 2 Pro’s Built-in projector

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Global social media agency We Are Social, in collaboration with some of Singapore’s rising artists, recently launched a one-night-only urban art exhibition called #LightAndSeek that brought to life a series of artworks projected at 10 different locations around the city using the new Lenovo YOGA Tablet 2 Pro’s built-in projector.

The Lenovo #LightandSeek event was aimed at engaging the art community at large while showcasing the YOGA Tablet 2 Pro’s versatility and multimode features, including the newly integrated Pico Projector which is capable of providing a cinematic experience anywhere, anytime. It enabled participating artists to exercise their creative powers within urban spaces in ways never before possible.

Lenovo Light and Seek2

It is really about enabling the artist community to reimagine Singapore. Having the device and the projector all in one, and the portability that it offers, will bring the artists’ ideas to life around the city. Their content will showcase the product in the best way possible – it is a perfect marriage of technology and content.

Rod Strother,

Director of Lenovo’s Digital and Social Centre of Excellence

Technology has always opened up new avenues for artists to explore, and at times even pushes the boundaries of art itself. This is a perfect example of it. By using the versatility and freedom the YOGA Tablet 2 Pro provides, we want to give the audience a different way of experiencing art, and show them stories about their city they might have never even thought about. Hopefully, this is just the beginning

Sharim Gubbels,

Creative Director We Are Social

Lenovo Light & Seek

Everything about this initiative was about discovery or rediscovery – from the city, to the artists, to the stories behind their work, to the locations of the artwork throughout the city.

A Facebook event page and an Instagram account (@lightandseek) were created where rich content was posted progressively three weeks leading up to the event day, revealing more context every single time, and letting the audience discover the ten locations through an event Google map. On the night itself, event attendees could also tweet their location with the hashtag #LightAndSeek, and get an immediate reply with directions to the next, nearest location to start off their own journey of rediscovery.  Thousands of people attended the one-night only event in Singapore.

The Lenovo YOGA Tablet 2 Pro has been built with creativity in mind. The artists involved have been able to see the creative potential of the device and have taken it to another level. Anyone who attended #LightandSeek will really see how it can be used to power their own creativity in very unique and amazing ways. We really hope this event goes beyond Singapore and inspires and engages creators around the world.



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