SATI study: Romanians lost their interest in news, got hooked on clothes and fashion


Romanians lost their interest in news, auto and sport info, but acquired an increase appetite when it comes of fashion / clothes, as their daily internet usage showed, according to a SATI study recently released. In the same time, the study shows an increase in terms of intentions of buying touristic services and plane tickets, an aspect probably influenced by the fact many Romanian internet users were planning their 2015 holidays during the period of time when the study was made.

The SATI study using a accumulated users universe show that the Romanian internet users are young, with 83% of them being aged 14-44 y.o. On the other hand, in urban areas, the number of internet users over 44 y.o increased, reaching to represent 25% from the total of 6,8 urban inhabitants accessing the internet.

The urban internet consumption remains higher than the rural one, with websites’ audience coming mostly from urban (65%) and not rural (35%) areas..

According to BRAT / SATI data, Romanians are accessing the internet on daily basis and increasingly do so from mobile devices (smartphones and tablet) compared to September – November 2014 (when the previous wave of the study took place). The percentage of people using mobiles to access the internet increased 7%, from 41.7% to 48.5%.

Romanian Transmedia Audit Bureau (BRAT) released the results of the second wave of the online audience study – which includes both data related to urban and rural users ; the published data cover the period December 1st 2014 – February 28th 2015.

The new wave of released data is part of SATI (Internet Audience and Trafic Study). With the expansion of SATI’s universe to the rural areas, a switch was made from an urban universe of around 6.8M people using the internet to an accumulated universe of over 10.5M internet users living in rural and urban areas.