Starcom MediaVest Group: Generation Y and alcoholic drinks in Romania

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Starcom MediaVest Group Romania continues its infographics’ series related to consumers habits with a study on Romanians’ habits when it comes to alcoholic drinks. The research was made in collaboration with iVox research platform and on 445 young people from Generation Y (20-30 years old, from urban areas, internet users and who drink alcoholic drinks).

no22_Drinking habits_fara concluzii
no22_Drinking habits_fara concluzii

According to the study, 56% of the respondents are going at least on monthly basis to bars, pubs, coffee shops or clubs (33% to bars, 48% to coffee shops and 19% to clubs). When it comes of alcoholic drinks, those are especially present for Generation Y when attending to social events or when they go out together with their friends. Most of them (75%) say they select a few favorite brands they usually consume, with the most popular drinks being whiskey and vodka.

62% are drinking alcohol to get energy during parties, but also when spontaneously gather together with their friends. Among the favorite brands of alcohol for Generation Y members are Jack Daniel’s, J&B, Ballantine’s, Johnnie Walker, Absolut, Finlandia and Bailey’s.

The study shows that 70% of young people spend on drinks more than RON 100 when they go out. In the same time, seven out of ten spend RON 200 or more when they organize a party at their own residence.

Most young people prefer mixed drinks, while only 16% drink dry alcohol. When it comes of mixes, 31% prefer alcohol combined with natural juice, 19% are into cocktails and 7% go for shots. Shots, a way to show cohesion among group’s members, are a way of getting out of patterns and , for 11% of respondents, a warm-up for going out.

The study shows that friends, parties and internet are the main sources of info for young people when it comes of alcoholic drinks. Also, the taste, price, brand’s reputation and friends’ recommendations are the main selection criteria, while bartender’s recommendation or product’s design aren’t that important.

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