In Bucharest, John Saunders (Fleishman-Hillard) spoke about top 3 communication trends in 2015


John Saunders, president Fleishman-Hillard EMEA, visited network’s Romanian affiliate, 2active PR, and spoke, with this occasion, about the newest trends of the communication industry, namely the authenticity of experiences, communication to match public’s rhythm during crisis situations and quality of content

He explained that the authenticity of experiences becomes the key element brands and users are seeking for. Users’ interaction with brands via mobile apps, for example, is extremely important for the future way of relating with the company that provided that experience.

According to him, social media is driven by the tech evolution, while the time spent online increases depending on the number of devices each individual is using. According to recent studies, people spend around 8.41 hours a day in front of multimedia devices, with 30% of time spent on accessing social networks. That is why brands are redirecting budgets towards increasing social media interaction and developing content, measuring systems or paid media. Moreover, communication agencies are developing new positions within their teams, which include social media competencies and analysis of buying habits.

As more and more consumers are connected to multimedia devices during the entire day, the pressure increases when it comes of answering in crisis situations, so the communication must match public’s rhythm. With Millenials having more and more influence, crisis communication must adapt to the communication channels used by them and, in this care, the communication strategy must be shaped also for social media, treated both as opportunity and threat.

Content is king more than anytime, with consumers expecting high quality of content and added value.

John Saunders, president Fleishman-Hillard EMEA, visited Bucharest to mark the 15 years anniversary of network’s Romanian affiliate, 2activePR. Saunders’s visit in the region aims to consolidate Fleishman-Hillard’s relations with its partner agencies in Balkans area and analyze the development opportunities for those markets.


John Saunders’s visit is a sign of appreciation from Fleishman-Hillard, the communication group 2activePR affiliated to in 2009. It was proven, in time, that this affiliation is based on common values, from those related to loyalty towards clients until those related to the way we encourage creativity and the development of our team colleagues, following the example of Fleishman-Hillard, who managed, for 20 years, to stay in the top of preferences as an employer. (…)

Corina Barladeanu,

General Manager 2activePR.

2activePR was founded in 2000 and, since 2009, is the Romanian affiliate of Fleishman Hillard. The agency offers consultancy for corporate communication and marketing, crisis management, informational and educational campaigns, CSR platforms and projects, event management and marketing, and services related to the development of the digital expertise.

2activePR has in portfolio strong international and local brands like Procter & Gamble, Lenovo, Oracle, Philips, Lockheed Martin, Bergenbier, Braun, Viacom, Coty, Help Net, Saint Gobain, Salvati Copiii, Teilor, Art Safari, Bellanima, Huawei Enterprise, and Monsanto.