Biocoop and Fred & Farid Paris introduce “The Most Eco-Friendly Campaign Ever”

Ads, Creativity

Biocoop, the first retailer of organic food in France, was founded by farmers and consumers truly committed to a greener and more responsible planet. Biocoop asked Fred & Farid Paris to help raise awareness about their uncompromising ethics and philosophy, with a campaign which would stay true to their DNA. That is how the idea of producing the first eco-friendly integrated campaign ever appeared.

The agency had to rethink every single production detail from scratch and find green innovative ways to address every touch-point.

Plane transportation, use of actors, post-production or digital retouching were banned. Also, the agency took special care in controlling the origins and compositions of all devices, built some of them when needed, reused old techniques to shoot prints and films, and invented new ones on the Internet and social networks.

The campaign generated 7,312 tweets sent by 5,733 users and had 10,42M impressions on Twitter only, with 98% of them being positive mentions. Moreover, Biocoop’s Twitter profile attracted 156.000 visits and registered 2,300 new followers.


Agency: Fred & Farid Paris

Client: Biocoop

Campaign: The Most Eco-Friendly Campaign Ever

  • Chief Creative Officers: Fred & Farid
  • Executive Creative Directors: Benjamin Marchal & Olivier Lefebvre
  • Copywriter: Noé Sato
  • Art Director: François Claux
  • Assistant Art Director: Alexandre Jegou
  • Digital Art Director: Rémy Gendre
  • Head of Social: Matthieu Bouilhot
  • Brand supervisor: Patrick Marguerie, Maéva Selami
  • Account supervisor: Emmanuel Ferry
  • Account manager: Joy Arfi
  • TV Producer & Art Buyer: Adélaide Samani
  • Print Producer: Julia Durey, Olivier Lepaire
  • Digital Producer: Domitille Doat, Jim Tran, Benjamin Bouzerau-Levy
  • Director: KILLDEATH
  • DOP: Zach Spiger
  • Photographer: David Ledoux
  • Typographer: Aleksi Cavaillez
  • Photo developer: Paul Feton
  • Media Strategist: Julien Leveque, Lauren Godet
  • Music: Capitaine Plouf
  • Production company: Continental Productions