Chargeads launches Song, the first native advertising network in Romania

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Song is open to all quality digital content producers, with national or local target.

Chargeads announces the launch of Song, the first native advertising network in Romania. With participation of the main media trusts, among which Adevarul Holding, Convergent Media (GSP), Digital Antena Group, Internetcorp and Yahoo, Song introduces the first scalable solution for native campaigns in Romania, on a programmatic support. Over 1BN native impressions, optimized through Chargeads tech, become available to the local advertising clients.

The native advertising, integrated in the editorial content, is one of the most non-intrusive forms of advertising, adopted for over three years by newsfeeds delivered by companies like Facebook, Linkedin, Yahoo or Forbes.

By visual integration adapted to each content support and on any type of device, native formats are reaching a performance of up to 10 times better than traditional banners, frequently considered inadequate by readers. The new formats are encouraging the ad clients to create relevant content for users, as an extension for the unidirectional campaign ran on traditional media.

Treated normally as special projects and without a real reporting or audience segmentation support, the editorial projects weren’t able to impose themselves as scalable solutions for advertising clients. Song introduces a new concept: “Build once, run on all placements!”. In other words, the advertisers and/or the agencies will fill in just one form and the technology will insure the distribution, automated visual adaptation, optimization and filering audience on thousands of native spaces made available by the most important publishers

Mihai Fanache,

CEO Chargeads.

Chargeads tech allows the fast integration within the traditional display or video campaigns, using common data segments and a consolidated reporting system. This way, the campaigns can be delivered sequentially to the same user, starting with the native spaces and continuing on RTB on local or international websites. Song allows newsrooms to validate individually the native campaigns they run, insuring the integrity of the published editorial content.

The platform was received with trust by the local providers, like a scalable solution to monetize mobile inventory – which surpasses frequently 60% from the total available. The introduction of such new products supports the increasing of the local competition level – reported to the global players’ offer

Diana Olar,

Commercial Director Chargeads.

The advertisers and agencies in Romania can access starting June 10th, through the DSP solution developed by Chargeads, over 1BN monthly impressions in native format, on different Romanian websites (f.ex.:,,,,,,,,, or Yahoo Romania).