€ 1/4M investment for  Romanian 2Performant Network

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Romanian company 2Performant Network, the umbrella under which 2Parale brand operates, received an investment round of €250,000 in the start of May 2015. The investment is dedicated to developing 2Parale.ro network and the performance marketing services in Romania and to the expansion in Central and Eastern Europe, by launching 2Performant platform in Bulgaria.

Following this investment, a group of private investors headed by Dragos Rosca (entrepreneur and Venture Capitalist) owns 12.5% from 2Performant S.A’s shares. At the current investment round participated also Radu Atanasiu, already part of company’s shareholders.

Dorin Boerescu, CEO 2Performant Network, remains the most important shareholder, with 46,35% shares. Other shareholders are, in this moment, 2Parale Online S.R.L. (16,65%) – founders of the business, the investment group leaded by Sergiu Negut (18,02%) and a team of seniors which are part of the company (Andreea Cimpoesu, Bogdan Aron, Cristian Ignat, Vlad Stanila and Alexandru Lupu).

From the received capital, company aims to consolidate its business in Romania. 2Performant Network S.A. aims for a 50% expansion of its team, wants to buy performance marketing tools and to develop new functionalities on the platform which would help to increase the conversion rate and the interaction between advertisers and affiliates.

Also, 2Leva.bg, the brand used by the company to operate on Bulgarian market, becomes 2Performant.com, a network dedicated exclusively to e-commerce for CEE. Compared to 2Leva, 2Performant has a new user interface and a different payment model, but is based on the same technoloy as 2Leva and 2Parale.

By the end of the year, the company will also enter on the Polish market. On long term, 2Performant Network S.A. also targets other markets in the region, like Czech Republic, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia and Slovakia. 2Performant platform is built to be functional all over the European Union.

Dorin Boerescu
Dorin Boerescu, CEO 2Performant S.A

During this 6 years of existence on the Romanian market and four years of presence on the Bulgarian market, we accumulated a lot of  know-how about how e-commerce works in the region. This investment is dedicated to development – it gives us the opportunity to put Romanian on world’s performance marketing map and to bring international businesses to sell online via our affiliates. Our focus will remain the local market but, via 2Performant, we can adapt any time to the business vision and specific of the entire region to work with clients which are present in CEE

Dorin Boerescu,

CEO 2Performant S.A.

The transaction was made by Biris Goran‘s lawyers, known within the IT/ online industry for the assistance iven to investors and entrepreneurs for star transactions, but also for facilitating investments through VentureConnect.

Before the recently received investment rund, in the start of April, 2Parale changed its juridical status and became a shares company, operating under 2Performant Network S.A. name.